Rabska torta

A traditional sweet souvenir from the Island Rab (Croatia) ❤

this cake has a special story and meaning and is highly appreciated in Croatia, mainly on the Island Rab, where this cake originates!

Rabska torta = the pie of the Island Rab, was first made in the year 1177 for Pope Alexander III, who visited the cathedral of this Island. It has since become a real delicacy and an original Croatian souvenir of this Island.

There is one patisserie on this Island, which makes this cake and also sells outside the Island, mainly for the fine delicatessen shops in Croatia, in beautiful gift packages, including a card with the origin of this pie in 4 languages. Since they made this cake, almost all the restaurants on the Island have this cake on their dessert card.

For the right Rabska torta it’s important to use qualitatively good products. For example, the almonds that come from the Island, and the aroma of the Maraschino, a home-made cherry liqueur …. the cake is served today on special occasions such as births or weddings.

Of course, the original recipe is kept strictly secret (which kept the nuns over the centuries), but this is a very nice variant on this! I made this cake for the first time and it’s a really delicious cake that takes you through the history and tradition of this Island!


130g flour
a pinch of salt
1 egg
20g butter
1tbsp milk

almond frangipane
200g grounded almonds
200g sugar
20ml Maraschino liqueur
1 egg
1 (bio) orange zest
1 (bio) lemon zest

mix the flour, sugar and salt. Add the egg, milk, butter and knead a soft dough and put it for 1 hour in the fridge. Divide the dough into two equal parts and roll out one dough ball completely thinly. Cut out a motif of a ‘snail house’, as shown in the picture. Put it gently on a baking tray

almond frangipane:
mix the grounded almonds and sugar. Add the orange- and lemon zest, egg and the Maraschino and stir well. Divide this almond cream over the dough and keep some space on the sides (for the dough that comes later) apply stripes (with a fork) on the top of the filling

roll out the other dough ball thinly, cut 2.5 cm wide strips and line the sides of the filling, making little waves (as in the picture), so you get a beautiful wrinkled edge ❤

push half almonds in the cream, and bake at 120C for about 50 min. Sprinkle the pastry with a little Maraschino and leave to cool

sprinkle at the end with some icing sugar!


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