Shell cookies

these beauties of cookies are so decorative and really delicious.

I made different creams, a coffee ganache with a hazelnut cookie and a orange ganache with an almond cookie decorated with pistachio… choose what you like the best, because you can actually vary endlessly with the cream!


110g flour
50g icing sugar
50g grounded hazelnuts
90g butter
a pinch of salt

white chocolate ganache
275g white chocolate
175g whipped cream

chocolate orange ganache
200g dark chocolate
150ml whipped cream
60g butter
(bio) orange zest

mix all the ingredients, knead a nice dough and put in the fridge for 1 hour. Fill the ‘shell’ molds and bake at 180C for about 15 min. and leave to cool. I’ve dipped the edges of the cookies into warm milk and rolled through the coconut

white chocolate ganache:
heat the whipped cream, pour over the white chocolate, stir well till you get a nice, shiny ganache. Leave to cool, and fill the shell cookies with this ganache

* If you want to add a coffee flavour to your ganache, add some coffee beans to the whipped cream, heat it together and let infuse the coffee beans for 20 min., heat it again and pour the whipped cream through a sieve over the chocolate!

orange ganache:
heat the whipped cream and the orange zest, pour over the dark chocolate and add the butter. Leave to cool and fill the cookies with this ganache

* if you choose for this dark chocolate ganache, it’s best to keep the cookies a light colour, so use almonds instead of hazelnuts for the dough, and leave the cocoa away. Dip the edges into melted chocolate and roll through the finely chopped pistachio nuts!

but, all of these shell cookies miss one more thing, and that’s a beautiful pearl inside! push a small pearl on the cream in the shell cookies ❤

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