Saint Honoré rose

when I saw these pastries at Ladurée in Paris, it was really love at first sight for me 😉

the creamy choux dipped in pink icing, on a crunchy puff pastry layer, decorated with a delicious cream, fresh raspberries and rose petals!

the original Saint Honoré pastry is made with caramel on the choux, after which they have made smaller pastries (like this). And then came this variant, the pink glaze with raspberries (a little more friendly for your teeth than caramel :-))

the Saint Honoré is a true French pastry that has an ancient history. The cake is named after: Honoré, a bishop of Amiens in northern France, also called the patron saint of the bakers


puff pastry
10 pieces puff pastry

2 eggs
50ml water
50ml milk
50g butter
50g flour
a pinch of salt

vanilla pastry cream
250ml milk
1/2 vanilla bean
50g egg yolks
25g cornstarch
60g white chocolate

raspberry confiture
lemon juice

marscarpone cream
150g marcarpone
40g icing sugar
150g whipped cream
pink colour

puff pastry:
divide a circle from the puff pastry with a small baking ring (8cm) and bake at 200C for about 20 min. and leave to cool

heat the oven till 230C. Boil the water, milk and butter, add the flour and quickly stir together until the mixture forms a dough. Remove from the heat, leave to cool, add the egg (one at a time) and stir well. Put the dough into a piping bag with a round piping tip fitted, pipe very small balls of choux on the baking sheet and bake at 170C for about 20 min. till they get a nice gold brown colour. Leave to cool in the oven

vanilla pastry cream:
mix the egg yolks with the sugar and cornstarch, and bring the milk with the vanilla bean seeds to the boil. Add some boiled milk to the eggs mixture and bring it together to the boil. Boil shortly, under continuously stirring, until the cream becomes thicker. Add the (pre) soaked gelatin and the white chocolate, leave to cool and fill the choux with the cream

raspberry confiture:
heat the raspberries with some sugar and lemon juice until the mixture starts to thicken and leave to cool. Fill the heart of the choux with this confiture

add a little bit water to the icing sugar and mix it into a thick, smooth mixture. Add some pink colour till you get a nice light pink colour. Dip the choux in the glaze, do the same with the puff pastry. Push then the choux slightly on the bottom (of the puff pastry)

mascarpone cream:
mix the mascarpone, icing sugar and 100 ml whipped cream, add the rest of the whipped cream and a little bit pink colour, and mix into you get a stiff whipped cream. Pipe beautiful rosettes between the choux, push the fresh raspberries lightly into the cream and decorate with rose petals ❤



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