Mini pavlova

foto 366.jpg

this is a very nice variant on the classic pavlova! these pavlova’s are hollow inside, ideal to fill with nice creams.

I made a vanilla cream with a heart of blackberry coulis and on top a blackberry mousse with a touch of rose!


2 egg whites
50g sugar
50g icing sugar

vanilla cream
2 gelatin leaves
120g milk
60g whipped cream
1/2 vanilla bean
35g egg yolks
20g sugar
9g cornstarch
25g white chocolate
125g whipped cream

blackberry coulis

blackberry/rose mousse
2 gelatin leaves
150g blackberries
20g sugar
fresh lemon juice
150g whipped cream
rose extract

1 gelatin leaf
75g white chocolate
30g milk
8g water
12g glucose
purple/red colour

foto 020.jpg

mix the egg whites, add the sugar and mix into a shiny foam and stir the icing sugar into it. Put it in a piping bag fitted with a round piping tip. Pipe it over a small half-sphere silicone molds (so you get a hollow in the middle). Dry the meringue at 100C for about 1 hour and leave to cool

foto 046.jpg

vanilla cream:
bring the milk, whipped cream and vanilla bean seeds to the boil. Stir the egg yolks, sugar and cornstarch. Add this to the milk and cook, under continuously stirring, until the cream starts to thicken. Add the (pre) soaked gelatin and pour over the white chocolate and cool it till 30C. Stir, carefully, the mixed whipped cream and fill the pavlova’s with it

blackberry coulis:
bring the blackberries and sugar to boil, boil until it’s thickened. Divide the coulis with a spoon in the middle over the vanilla cream, and put the filled pavlova’s in the fridge

foto 379 (2).jpg

blackberry/rose mousse:
bring the blackberry puree, sugar and lemon juice to boil, pour this through a sieve and add the (pre) soaked gelatin, cool till 30C. Add some rose extract and stir the mixed whipped cream into it. Pour into small half-sphere molds and put in the freezer

foto 053.jpg

heat the milk, water and glucose, add the (pre) soaked gelatin, pour over the chocolate and stir well. Add some purple/red colour, till you get a nice dark purple colour. Take a blender, mix through the glacage to remove the air bubbles and to make the glacage smooth and shiny. When the glacage has a temp. of around 34C, pour it over the little frozen domes!

foto 035.jpg

divide the mousse over the pavlova’s and decorate with white chocolate en fresh blackberries!!

foto 278.jpg


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