Mini cheesecake

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to be honest, I don’t like the “standard” cheesecake, I often find them too powerful and not tasty. But this cheesecake is so delicious creamy and light. I baked them in round mini shapes, so you get a nice little pastry!

this cheesecake has a salty biscuit of Tuc crackers, a creamy vanilla cheese filling and a layer of creamy panna cotta, very tasty combinations. In fact, this recipe should just stay secret 😉

I’ve got this recipe from the book ‘Kookschool Patisserie’ and share this with you!


50g Tuc crackers
40g butter
25g sugar
13g flour

130g quark
100g creme fraiche
50g icing sugar
8g cornstarch
50g eggs
1/2 vanilla bean
1 (bio) lemon

panna cotta
1 gelatin leaf
125g whipped cream
vanilla bean

foto 009.jpg

knead a fine dough of the butter, sugar, flour and grounded tuc crackers. Divide a layer in a baking ring (16cm), leave to cool in the fridge

foto 232 (3).jpg

mix the quark, creme fraiche, sugar and cornstarch together. Stir the eggs with the vanilla bean seeds and lemon juice, till you get a nice smooth mixture. Add it to the quark mixture and stir well, pour this mixture, over the biscuit, and bake at 120C for about 60 min., open the oven every 10 minutes, so that any steam can escape. Leave to cool and put it for one night in the fridge

foto 243 (4).jpg

panna cotta:
bring 50ml whipped cream, sugar and vanilla bean seeds to the boil and remove from the heat. Add the (pre) soaked gelatin and the rest of the whipped cream. Pour over the baked cheesecake, and leave to cool in the fridge for about 2 hours

foto 097 (6).jpg


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