Summer berries

foto 128.jpg

sweet little fruit pastries ❤

coconut, blackberries and vanilla, in combinations with the most lovely summer berries ❤


rocher coco
50g coconut cream
30g egg whites
30g sugar
30g coconut

blackberry/rose confiture
rose aroma

vanilla mousse
2 gelatin leaves
60g egg yolks
30g sugar
1 vanilla bean
360g whipped cream

foto 320.jpg

foto 004.jpg

rocher coco:
stir all the ingredients together and divide over round baking rings (8cm) and bake at 170C for about 10 min. and leave to cool

foto 255.jpg

blackberry confiture:
heat the blackberries with some sugar until the mixture starts to thicken, add a little bit rose aroma, and divide over the rocher coco

vanilla mousse:
mix the egg yolks with the sugar. Heat 180ml whipped cream with the vanilla bean seeds, add to the egg yolks and cook together till 83C. Add the (pre) soaked gelatin and cool it til 30C. Add, carefully, the rest of the mixed whipped cream (180ml). Pour over the confiture in the round baking rings

foto 285.jpg

decorate the pastries with fresh summer fruit ❤



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