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everyone knows the legendary bounty bar 🙂 I wanted to make a pastry with those flavors… and… this are my bounty truffles!!

a soft coconut mousse with a crunchy meringue heart, finished with a milk chocolate glacage ❤


coconut streusel
75g butter
75g sugar
50g almond flour
100g flour
50g coconut
a pinch of salt

meringue heart
1 egg white
35g icing sugar
35g sugar

10g cocoa butter
10g dark chocolate

coconut mousse
2 gelatin leaves
30g coconut
100g coconut milk
100g white chocolate
250g whipped cream

2 gelatin leaves
50g milk chocolate
33g whipped cream
16g water
50g sugar
50g glucose

(Silikomart professional Truffles 120 moulds)

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coconut streusel:
crumble all the ingredients together and rub gently between your hands. Stop rubbing when crumbs arise (so do not knead!) divide a layer in a small baking ring and bake at 160C for about 15 min., leave to cool

meringue heart:
mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt and the sugar. Stir the icing sugar through the meringue and pipe little balls on a baking tray, and dry at 100C for about 1 hour.
Melt the chocolate with the cocoa butter, dip the (cooled) meringue in the warm chocolate and let it dry

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coconut mousse:
bring the coconut milk to the boil, add the (pre) soaked gelatin and pour it over the chocolate, leave to cool, add the coconut and the mixed whipped cream. Pour this mousse into the moulds, take the meringue and push ‘the ball’ a little down in the mousse, and place this in the freezer

heat the water, whipped cream, glucose and sugar, add the (pre) soaked gelatin and pour over the chocolate, stir well till the glacage has a temp. of around 34C, pour it over the frozen ‘truffles’. Divide each pastry over the coconut streusel

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