Cherry bars

a surprising bar of white chocolate, coconut, cherries and a very special chocolate layer with popping candy!

the inspiration for this pastry comes from the book by Adriano Zumbo… this Australian patissier is famous for his special creations of flavours in desserts… I was, of course, very curious how this was going to taste!


white chocolate ganache with coconut
60ml coconut cream
7g honey
1/2 vanilla bean
12g cocoa butter
125g white chocolate
50g coconut

cherry paté
250g sour cherries
100g sugar
20ml glucose
1 (bio) lemon

300g dark chocolate
popping candy

cherry paté:
heat the cherries, add the glucose, lemon- juice and zest, cook until you get a nice thickness. Fill the silicone molds with this paté for just under half

melt the cocoa butter and cool it till 32C. Heat the whipped cream, honey and vanilla bean seeds. Pour the whipped cream over the white chocolate, stir the coconut en cocoa butter to the mixture, divide it over the cherry paté and put it in the fridge

melt some milk chocolate and divide a thin layer over the ganache, this will be the bottom of the cherry bar, and put it in the freezer

temper the dark chocolate, add the popping candies and pour it over the frozen cherry bars!


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