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at a Birthday you want a beautiful pastry, especially when it’s your own Birthday! it has to be different from other pastries that you eat all year long 😉

so i decided to make this beautiful entremet with my favorite ingredients of white chocolate, fresh raspberries, vanilla and almonds, that’s really a perfect taste combination for me!

that’s why I chose to make a soft almond biscuit, a vanilla cream, raspberry coulis and a raspberry mousse… covered with a beautiful light pink glacage, white chocolate and fresh raspberries!


dacquoise biscuit
90g grounded almonds
90g icing sugar
150g egg whites
45g sugar
15g flour

vanilla cream
75ml milk
1 vanilla bean
45g egg yolks
20g sugar
120g white chocolate
150ml whipped cream
2 gelatin leaves

raspberry confiture
100g raspberries
fresh lemon juice

raspberry mousse
250g raspberries
fresh lemon juice
2 gelatin leaves
250ml whipped cream

1 gelatin leaf
75g white chocolate
30g milk
7g water
12g glucose
pink colour

dacquoise biscuit:
mix the egg whites and sugar for about 5 minutes, stir the grounded almonds, icing sugar and flour through it. Draw 3 circles of 15cm on a sheet of baking paper, put the mixture into a piping bag and pipe 3 circles, bake at 180C for about 15-20 min. and leave to cool

raspberry confiture:
heat the raspberries with some sugar and lemon juice until the mixture starts to thicken. Divide the confiture over the biscuit

vanilla cream:
mix the egg yolks with the sugar and bring the milk with the vanilla bean seeds to the boil. Add some boiled milk to the eggs mixture and bring it together to the boil. Boil shortly until the cream becomes thicker. Add the (pre) soaked gelatin, pour over the chocolate, stir wel and leave to cool. Add the mixed whipped cream and divide the cream over the 3 layers biscuit and put it in the freezer

raspberry mousse:
heat the raspberries with some sugar and lemon juice and add the (pre) soaked gelatin, cool it till 30C. Add, carefully, the mixed whipped cream. Pour the mousse in a 18cm baking ring, place the frozen biscuit/vanilla cream/raspberry confiture and push it down a little, and place this in the freezer

heat the milk, water and glucose, add the (pre) soaked gelatin, pour over the chocolate and stir well. Add some pink colour, till you get a nice light pink glacage colour. Take a blender, mix through the glacage to remove the air bubbles and to make the glacage smooth and shiny. When the glacage has a temp. of around 34C, pour it over the frozen entremet. Decorate with white chocolate and fresh raspberries!

Happy Birthday to me 🙂