Forest fruits

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I’m totally in love with all kind of summer berries! especially on a cake, it makes it so colorful and delicious!

this was my Birthday cake ❤


75g butter
75g sugar
65g shaved almonds
15g flour

pain de genes
2 eggs
100g marzipan
30g butter
30g flour
1tsp baking powder
6g milk
red currants

forest fruit mousse
375g forest fruits
50g sugar
225g whipped cream
lemon juice
6 gelatin leaves

vanilla cremeux
3 egg yolks
55g milk
30g sugar
135g whipped cream
0,5 vanilla bean
1 gelatin leaf

2 gelatin leaves
150g white chocolate
60g milk
15g water
25g glucose
red/blue colour

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almond croustillant:
stir the melted butter with the sugar, flour and shaved almonds. Divide it into a (20cm) baking ring and bake at 140C for about 25min. and leave to cool

pain de genes:
mix the marzipan with the eggs, add the milk, melted butter and the flour with the baking powder. Divide it over a (17cm) baking ring, push some red currants in the biscuit, and bake at 170C for about 20 min., leave to cool

vanilla cremeux:
heat the whipped cream, milk and vanilla bean seeds. Stir the egg yolks with the sugar and add it to the cream, heat it till 82C. Add the (pre) soaked gelatin, and pour it into a (17cm) baking ring and put it in the freezer

forest fruit mousse:
heat the forest fruit puree, sugar and lemon juice till 76C, add the (pre) soaked gelatin. Cool it till 32C and add the mixed whipped cream. Divide the mousse in a (20cm) baking ring, place the frozen vanilla cremeux and the biscuit on top, push down a little, and put it in the freezer

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heat the milk, water and glucose, add the (pre) soaked gelatin, pour over the chocolate and stir well. Add some red/blue colour, take a blender, mix through the glacage to remove the air bubbles and to make the glacage smooth and shiny. When the glacage has a temp. of around 34C, pour it over the frozen entremet and divide it over the almond croustillant

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