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I think that everybody reminds his childhood with the red mushroom with white dots ❤

I made this very cute pastry with a strawberry mousse, a heart of white chocolate, on a biscuit filled with a strawberry compote!


lemon madeleine biscuit
50g butter
1 egg
100g sugar
a pinch of salt
60g creme fraiche
110g flour
a pinch of baking powder
(bio) lemon zest

50g white chocolate
10g cocoa butter

strawberry compote
lemon juice

joconde biscuit
33g icing sugar
33g almond flour
50g eggs
5g flour
33g egg whites
5g icing sugar
freeze dried strawberries

strawberry mousse
2 gelatin leaves
200g wild strawberries
fresh lemon juice
200ml whipped cream
50g egg whites
120g sugar
40g water

white chocolate cremeux
50g whipped cream
50g milk
1 egg yolk
55g white chocolate
vanilla bean seeds
¼ gelatin leaf

1 gelatin leaf
75g white chocolate
30g milk
8g water
12g glucose
red colour

italian meringue
1 egg white
60g sugar
20g water

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lemon madeleine:
mix the eggs with the sugar, add the sifted flour, baking powder, salt, melted butter, creme fraiche and the lemon zest through it. Pour the dough into muffin baking forms and bake at 170C for about 10min. and leave to cool. Make the biscuit hollow inside and roll the edges into melted white chocolate/cocoa butter, and roll it through the coconut

you can also make a meringue and fill it with strawberry compote (as on the picture)

strawberry compote:
bring the strawberries, some sugar and lemon juice to boil, boil until it’s thickened and leave to cool. Fill the (hollow) of the biscuit with this compote

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mix the egg whites with the icing sugar. Mix, seperately, the eggs with the icing sugar, add the grounded almonds, flour, meringue and the freeze dried strawberries. Divide this thinly over a baking tray and bake at 190C for about 8 min., leave to cool and take small circles (8cm) with baking rings

white chocolate cremeux:
bring the milk, whipped cream and vanilla bean seeds to the boil. Stir the egg yolk and add it to the milk, heat it till 81C. Add the (pre) soaked gelatin, and pour it over the white chocolate and stir well. Pour it into small half-spheres silicone molds and put it in the freezer

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strawberry mousse:
boil the sugar and water till 121C, mix the egg whites and pour the sugar syrup slowly over the egg whites and continue to mix until the mixture is cooled.  Heat the strawberry puree with some lemon juice till 76C, add the (pre) soaked gelatin, cool it till 30C. Add carefully the egg whites and the mixed whipped cream. Pour into large half-spheres silicone molds, place the frozen white chocolate cremeux and push it down a little, add a slice of joconde biscuit on top, put it in the freezer

heat the milk, water and glucose, add the (pre) soaked gelatin, pour over the chocolate and stir well. Add some red colour, take a blender, mix through the glacage to remove the air bubbles and to make the glacage smooth and shiny. When the glacage has a temp. of around 34C, pour it over the frozen domes and divide it over the madeleine bisuit

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italian meringue: (for the dots)
boil the sugar and water till 121C, mix the egg whites and pour the sugar syrup slowly over de egg whites and continue to mix until the mixture is cooled.  Make little ‘dots’ on the glacage!