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the beautiful dark purple fig, that was my inspiration for this pastry ❤

imagine… it’s summer, you pick every morning fresh figs from the tree, the smell of aromatic lemons and the rich taste of olive oil… these flavors all are hidden in this chocolate fig , who will bring you right back to the summer!


chocolate almond ganache
100g dark chocolate
50g almond paste

olive oil mousse
1 gelatin leaf
125g white chocolate
62g milk
25g olive oil (extra virgin)
200g whipped cream

fig lemon confiture
fresh figs

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chocolate fig:
cut the fig in half, bring a layer melted chocolate with a little brush over the fig, let it dry for a few minutes, and repeat this 3 more time. When the chocolate has dried, remove carefully the fig from the chocolate. Add some dark purple powder color over the chocolate shells

fig confiture:
bring the figs with a little bit sugar, lemon zest and juice to boil, boil until it’s thickened. Pour it into small half-spheres silicone molds and put it in the freezer

chocolate ganache:
melt the chocolate and almond paste, and divide a thin layer over the inside of the chocolate shells

olive oil mousse:
heat the milk, add the (pre) soaked gelatin, and pour it over the white chocolate, cool it till 30C, add the olive oil and the mixed whipped cream. Divide the mousse over the chocolate shells, place the frozen fig confiture in the middle, and push carefully both chocolate shell halves against each other

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