Sweet avocado

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I was thinking how to make a pastry with the creamy & healthy avocado, and why not as a shape of an avocado, and my idea was born ❤


chocolate shell
tempered dark chocolate

pumpkin seeds praliné
pumpkin seeds

27g whipped cream
60g white chocolate
50g pumpkin seeds praliné

avocado mousse
1 avocado
100g cream cheese
2,5 gelatin leaves
40g sugar
0,5 lime juice
200g whipped cream

chocolate glacage
1 gelatin leaf
37g water
12g cocoa
30g whipped cream
45g sugar

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chocolate shell:
cut the avocado in half, bring a layer melted chocolate with a little brush over the (outside) from the avocado, let it dry for a few minutes, and repeat this 3 more time. When the chocolate has dried, remove carefully the avocado shell from the chocolate

pumpkin seeds ganache:
heat some sugar and water till a golden brown caramel, add the roasted pumpkin seeds, let it cool and put in the blender, till you get a nice pasta.
Heat the whipped cream, pour over the white chocolate, cool a little bit, and add the pumpkin seeds praliné. Divide this over the avocado chocolate shell

avocado mousse:
blend the avocado, cream cheese, lime juice and the sugar, add the (pre) soaked heated gelatin. Add, carefully, the mixed whipped cream. Divide the mousse over the ganache and put it in the fridge

heat the water, cocoa, whipped cream and sugar, cook for about 5 min. Remove from heat and leave the pan for 10 min., add the (pre) soaked gelatin en stir well till the glacage has a temp. of around 34C, pour it over the little half sphere silicone moulds, and divide it over the mousse, on top of the avocado

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