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who is behind Catch my cake?
Marina Masatovic, born in The Netherlands (live in The Hague), with ‘roots’ from Croatia. I’m a Notary clerk, but for years a big passion for fine pastry.
I was so fascinated by beautiful pastry creations and the fact that you can use your own creativity to create something unique. So I started making pastries and I actually learned most things by myself… and my passion only got stronger!

why the passion for the patisserie?
patisserie is something very beautiful to me, it’s so much more than just a passion!
each pastry is unique, it tells a story, an emotion… and because I try to create it with so much love, they are for me all little pieces of art ❤

when I think about new creations, I’m looking for perfection, elegance and delicate taste combinations. A pastry can look so beautiful, but the inside has to taste even better. That’s why I use only pure and good quality ingredients without any additives, only then you really get the most beautiful effect

where do I find my inspiration?
actually, I find my inspiration everywhere. I can really enjoy unique beautiful things, such architecture, fine art and fashion. I have a deep interest in flowers and nature, the smell of beautiful scented flowers attracts me, the sound of the sea and the creations of other pastry artists give me inspiration. Complicated creations challenge me to try it out

other passions beside the patisserie?
during making and decorating my pastries, I’ve been getting more interested in photography. What’s more beautiful when you capture your own creation with a beautiful picture? and beside that, I have also another big passion, and that’s classical ballet!

Love, Marina