all my pastries are bespoken, for everybody who want an unique and luxury design to their style and taste! I create elegant pastries for weddings and special celebrations.

My dessert cakes are refined, based on French patisserie, that means a delicate taste with different combinations of flavours and textures, designed to the finest detail. A perfect cake is the right balance in taste, not to sweet or heavy, only then you really get the most beautiful effect in taste experience.
That’s why I don’t add more sugar of fats than necessary, and use only the finest and high quality ingredients without any additives. Such as real French butter, bio free range eggs, Callebaut chocolate.
In addition to the standard flavours I also devise and develop new interesting flavour pairings

Wedding cakes
I would love to hear what kind of weddingcake you like and also your favorite flavours, so we can work out 3 flavour combinations together. Then we make an appointment for an introduction with a cake tasting. During the cake tasting we will further develop the weddingcake based on your wishes and style, so the cake becomes truly unique! we also discuss special wishes, the number of guests and delivery details. I personally deliver the weddingcake on your wedding day at your chosen venue.
A weddingcake consists freshly baked soft sponge cakes, layered with a combination of beautiful fruit confiture, cremeux, mousse, finished with a thin layer white chocolate ganache.

The price of the cake is based on the size, flavours and design complexity

Edible flowers
maybe you’ve already seen that I decorate a lot of my cakes with edible flowers. I love to work with the flowers, because there are many different sorts and colors, so every cake will be beautiful in its own way. The scent of all these flowers are amazing, it completes the whole experience, as if you smell a floral perfume, so special.
They taste from slightly sweet, fresh sour to spicy, and are also healthy, contains antioxidants and vitamins. If you are allergic to flowers, then we better look for another cake decoration

I have a deep interest in healthy food and what effect it has on your body. That’s why I worked out a selection of cakes which are sugar free, gluten free and lactose free. Let me know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Please note that my kitchen is not gluten free, nut free & dairy-free. So there can always be traces of these ingredients in your cake. I cannot take the responsibility for allergic reactions. Please inform me if there are any allergies when you will order a cake