marina masatovic


‘art & patisserie come together in my world of sweet creations’
I create refined sweets finished to the smallest detail


My Swan will be shown at The Mauritshuis in The Hague from 22-28 May 2023!
I recently participated in an open call of The Mauritshuis to make your own version on the famous painting ‘the girl with a pearl earring’.
I created this swan from white chocolate, here was the iconic ballet Swan lake my inspiration. While creating this I tried to use the colors, shapes and light like the famous painting.

Out of an overwhelming number of entries from all over the world, the jury has chosen my creation as one of the winners!

the girl with a pearl earring
my girl with a pearl

avocado in de vorm van een gebakje


  • edible sculptures
  • exclusive bespoke Wedding cakes & Wedding favours
  • entremets
  • individual pastry
  • patisserie table


during my work as a Notary clerk I worked very precisely and organized, but my love for ballet has shown me something beautiful, that is the grace, beauty and elegance. This way I combine both and express this in my creations… and so was born my brand identity.

What started with simple cakes, has grown into special creations with delicate flavors, but also small sculptures of chocolate al focust on art and refining. No one creation is the same, sometimes I model a pastry with my hands in a beautiful shape, paint with edible paint, use the palette knife technique or create an art pallet of edible flowers on cakes. This way you get a completely different experience of eating a cake, and that’s what people keep remembering.

I always love when people can appreciate my product, having an eye for details and recognize the feeling of beauty